stores open on christmas day

stores open on christmas day: Christmas! A time for joy, family, and…finding that last-minute gift you forgot about? While Lahore wears its festive spirit proudly, with twinkling lights and carolers filling the air, navigating the holiday shopping scene on Christmas Day can be tricky. Fear not, intrepid shopper! This blog is your guide to stores open on Christmas Day in Lahore, ensuring you find the perfect present without breaking a sweat (or the bank).

For the Tech-Savvy:

  • Metro Cash & Carry: This wholesale giant keeps its doors open on Christmas Day, offering a treasure trove of electronics, gadgets, and appliances at competitive prices. Need a new phone for your tech-loving niece? Or a fancy coffee machine for your caffeine-addicted brother? Metro has you covered.

  • The Phone Doctor: Stuck with a cracked screen or a battery that dies faster than Rudolph’s reindeer? The Phone Doctor brings festive cheer to your tech woes with their Christmas Day repair services. No need to wait till Boxing Day to get your gadgets back in action.

For the Fashionista:

  • Al-Karam Studio: From elegant shalwar kameez to trendy western wear, Al-Karam Studio knows how to dress you for any occasion. Their Christmas Day opening lets you find that perfect outfit for the post-Christmas brunch or New Year’s Eve bash.

  • J.J. Aziz Gulberg: Looking for something truly unique and hand-crafted? J.J. Aziz Gulberg is a haven for exquisite jewelry, clothing, and home décor. Surprise your loved ones with a piece of Pakistani artistry that will be cherished for years to come.

For the Homebody:

  • Hyperstar Gulberg: Need to stock up on groceries after a Christmas feast? Hyperstar Gulberg opens its doors on the big day, offering a convenient one-stop shop for all your household essentials. No need to brave the post-Christmas crowds, just grab your cart and get everything you need under one roof.

  • Book City Gulberg: Escape the holiday hustle with a good book! Book City Gulberg throws open its doors on Christmas Day, inviting you to lose yourself in a world of literary adventures. Find that perfect page-turner for yourself or a bookworm friend.

Beyond the Big Brands:

Remember, Lahore’s charm lies in its hidden gems. Don’t shy away from exploring smaller stores and local markets. You might stumble upon a unique handcrafted gift, a delicious Christmas treat from a family-run bakery, or simply soak in the festive spirit of the city.

Pro-Tips for a Merry Shopping Spree:

  • Call ahead: Double-check store timings before heading out, as opening hours might vary on Christmas Day.
  • Embrace online shopping: Many stores offer online ordering and delivery options, saving you time and festive fatigue.
  • Plan your route: Traffic can be heavy on Christmas Day, so map out your shopping route beforehand to avoid delays.
  • Carry cash: While some stores accept cards, having cash on hand ensures you’re not caught off guard by any technical glitches.
  • Most importantly, relax and enjoy! Christmas shopping shouldn’t be a stressful marathon. Take your time, savor the festive atmosphere, and remember the true spirit of the season.

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