Prisma Health saves $4M, and counting, with patient engagement tech

The healthcare landscape is undergoing a digital revolution, and patient engagement technologies are emerging as shining stars. Take Prisma Health, the largest nonprofit healthcare provider in South Carolina, for example. By embracing patient engagement tools, they’ve raked in a cool $4 million in savings, and the numbers keep rising.

The Secret Sauce: Streamlined Communication and Reduced No-Shows

Prisma Health’s key weapon was integrating digital patient communications across their system. This means patients receive appointment reminders, pre-visit instructions, and post-care follow-ups seamlessly via text, email, or even their preferred language through an automated system.

The impact? A dramatic reduction in no-shows. These missed appointments cost healthcare systems big bucks, and Prisma Health estimates their new system saved them a whopping $4 million in just two years. Not only did this boost their finances, but it also freed up valuable resources for other patients.

Beyond Savings: Building Stronger Connections and Streamlining Operations

The benefits of Prisma Health’s approach extend far beyond cost savings. Their integrated platform improved patient experience in several ways:

  • Reduced stress and confusion: Clear communication via preferred channels eliminates uncertainty and simplifies the healthcare journey.
  • Enhanced access and navigation: Patients, especially those new to the system, feel more confident navigating appointments and finding the right resources.
  • Improved care coordination: Streamlined communication helps providers stay informed and deliver better-coordinated care.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: Timely reminders and updates keep patients feeling informed and valued, leading to higher satisfaction scores.

But the benefits weren’t limited to patient experience. Prisma Health also reaped internal rewards:

  • Increased staff efficiency: Reduced no-shows and improved communication workflows freed up staff time for more patient-centered care.
  • Data-driven insights: The platform provides valuable data on patient engagement and staff efficiency, allowing for targeted improvements.
  • Reduced administrative burden: Automated communication takes the load off staff, reducing paperwork and phone calls.

Key Tools in the Prisma Health Arsenal

Two key players deserve mention in Prisma Health’s success story: Artera and Gozio Health. Artera’s platform powers the integrated communication workflow, while Gozio’s patient-facing app, Prisma Health Go, adds another layer of convenience and access.

The seamless integration of these tools creates a unified digital experience for patients, further boosting engagement and satisfaction.

Lessons for Us All: The Power of Patient Engagement

Prisma Health’s story is a powerful testament to the potential of patient engagement technologies. Here are some key takeaways for healthcare providers and innovators:

  • Invest in patient communication: Clear, convenient communication builds trust and reduces friction in the healthcare journey.
  • Embrace digital tools: Integrate platforms that streamline communication and empower patients.
  • Focus on patient experience: Every interaction should be designed to inform, support, and empower patients.
  • Data is your friend: Use data to measure progress and continuously improve your patient engagement strategy.

As healthcare systems face increasing pressure to improve efficiency and deliver value-based care, patient engagement technologies like those employed by Prisma Health offer a clear path forward. By prioritizing patient experience and communication, we can build a healthcare system that’s not just cost-effective, but also truly patient-centered.

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