5 Signs It’s Time for Garage Door Opener Repair – And How to Fix Common Problems

If your garage door opener is starting to act up, it may be a sign that it’s in need of some repair. Rather than replacing the entire unit, which can cost several hundred dollars, consider trying some simple DIY repairs first. In many cases, garage door opener issues are caused by minor problems that are easy and inexpensive to fix yourself.

Let’s take a look at 5 common signs your opener needs garage door opener repair in Norfolk, VA, along with instructions for making those repairs. With a few basic tools and some troubleshooting know-how, you can likely get your opener running smoothly again without breaking the bank.

  1. The Opener is Making Loud Noises

Loud grinding, screeching or clicking noises when operating the door are usually a sign the opener’s gears or belt are wearing out. Both of these components are inexpensive and easy to replace yourself.

To fix a noisy belt, simply loosen the motor plate screws, replace the old belt with a new one, and retighten the screws. For noisy gears, remove the front cover and inspect the gears for cracks, chips or excessive wear. Replace any damaged gears as needed. Reinstall the cover when finished.

  1. The Opener is Slow to Respond

If your opener is taking an unusually long time to open or close the door, it could be a sign of low power. The most common culprit is a low battery in the opener’s backup battery.

To check the battery, remove the cover on the opener and test the voltage of the battery with a multimeter. Replace it if the reading is below 12V. You can also try lubricating the chain/belt and door tracks, which may speed things up without needing a garage door repair.

  1. The Opener Won’t Close Completely

If the door stops short of fully closing, inspect the safety sensors (photo eyes) for dirt, dust or misalignment that could be interrupting the sensor beam. Clean the sensors with a dry cloth and make sure they are aligned properly facing each other from each side of the door.

You may also need to adjust the downforce limits or force control settings if the door is meeting too much resistance on closure. Consult your owner’s manual for adjustment instructions.

  1. The Opener Won’t Open the Door

A garage door opener that won’t open at all usually needs a power source check. First, ensure the wall outlet powering the opener is receiving electricity. Then inspect the power cord for cuts or breaks and replace it if damaged.

Check the voltage of the backup battery as well. Finally, check the motor itself – with the power disconnected, try spinning the motor shaft by hand. If it feels sluggish or stuck, the motor may need replacement.

  1. The Opener is Unresponsive to Remote

If the remote control stops working, first replace its battery. Next, try programming the remote to the opener by pressing the “Learn” or “Program” button on the unit. Consult your manual for specific steps.

You may also need to replace the remote if it is old, as the signal can degrade over time. Look for replacement universal remotes compatible with your opener model.

With some basic tools and troubleshooting skills, many garage door opener issues can be fixed without a service call. Don’t hesitate to contact a local garage door opener repair technician in Norfolk if you’re unsure how to make repairs safely. They can help diagnose problems and ensure your opener is in proper working order.

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