TOP 20 thing to do in 2020

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Prepare yourself as a winning power

Print this, check it out. You will feel the end of this fabulous “Get To’s” of twenty. Use “Go to” to paraphrase, so you don’t have to feel yourself being forced. Now the verifiable elements can be an exciting change experience. Changing and repairing are the easiest way to bring more joy and positivity to your life.

Farah: I know from my clients and my community what people desperately want for a continuous experience. I hope these 20 things bring you the greatest joy.

The following elements are chosen due to the results they already created for my clients and others who have read my most recent book. They are elements of life transformation and are not taken seriously!

Again, don’t read this, pinch and print it and then place it next to your closet or office where you will look for more. Join me to create a compatible life that deserves to be excited. Let’s have fun

1- Remove your phone from 20 contacts that no longer serve you

Remove your phone from 20 contacts that no longer serve you

Oh yes, we jump. Of course, if you feel you have to eliminate more and more strength for yourself. This can be an emotional experience for some, and you will not lie. Take great steps, feel your emotions and release them knowing that you are giving way to the people you get along with.

2- Meditate silently for 20 minutes or more.

Meditate silently for 20 minutes or more.

You may have to start in 5 minutes and start your way. My most successful friends and clients contemplate 20 minutes in the morning and at night and, how to be understanding, I can say.

The way they see themselves is different from others. A balanced vital energy radiates. They calm down when you talk to them and give you a feeling of peace.

Don’t you like to support others simply by having a regular conversation with them because of the extension of their fundamentals?

3- Find 20 reasons to forgive yourself

Oh God. I can’t stand this, which means it helps me more! In general, what gives us the most resistance is exactly what we need to support our growth.

Take a moment and think about all the self-sabotage you have given yourself. It is time to be aware of the words that are said constantly, so you can be aware of what you are saying and delete the sentences from here on.

4- Write 20 things you were grateful for in 2019

Gratitude is an attitude and an option when participating in this type of activity, the way you live and the things you say naturally will become a positive perspective. When you are in a state of gratitude, stop talking about what frustrates you and retrain your mind to focus on the good life. We must be grateful for what we have achieved at this time before moving on to the next chapter of life.

5- Mention 20 things you will leave in 2019

It is better to give it up, although it is often said that it is easier than doing it. Choose consciously to give up, write it down and say goodbye. It is time to move forward from the perspective.

6- Discover 20 achievements that you are proud of

We often get stuck in the thinking process “I have to do X to get Y” instead of pausing and recognizing what we have already accomplished in this life. When I look back, I have many incredible achievements. However, I rarely see positivity again. Let’s make our past something to be proud of.

7- Select 20 reasons you believe in. He wants to send love and prayers, or even donate time and money to

Belonging to this world means that we must respond and support others. Think about this planet, people like your home, your family and even the most despised. It is your home, so how will the lights come on and will the love spread with its beautiful electric power?

8- Select 20 reasons to celebrate the person you became

Think about the incredible features that shape you. It can be easy to talk to you and it can be unusual to write. What amazing properties created for you? Need help? Lean on your friends. It is vital that your energy revives the celebration of your true identity.

9- Take a 20-minute walk in nature, in complete silence, without deviations

Nature is alive and radiates alignment energy. Walk between the ground with a smile on your face as you breathe in harmony and align with what grows around you. Leave your phone or put it in airplane mode. Be present for this nature walk.

10- Find a tree to lean on for two minutes and 20 seconds to test the floor it must support

Keep up with the flow of nature, stop the moment and place your body in a tree. In the past, they had trees when they recovered. The strength of the trees persists today. Try to feel it, breathe the air of these fresh trees with oxygen and experience the energy of the tree.

11- Try a hobby that you always wanted to give to a jacuzzi

Doing new things creates new neuronal synapses within the brain that can be a substitute for a creative game. Also, I want you to enjoy here. What was the point of experiencing and learning?

12- Dance with your favorite music for 20 minutes

Keep the activities of joy flowing! Dancing brings your inner child. Children and young children love to shake their hands in the air and shake their hips when a song they like appears. Feel the music, preferably positive in the lifting rhythms that bring your rhythm.

13- Make a list of 20 aspects of what you believe in living your best life.

Consider the difference, it is not the usual goal setting program. What happens between your goals. You have problems? Maybe you write what seems to be your day in your life and get up to 20 perfect items. Even the minutiae play a role in the big picture. You can’t make a movie without add-ons or actors in the background, every role is essential.

14- Write 20 positive statements about who you are and who you are, tell them out loud

Now that you’ve become clear about your best life, who are you in? How does someone describe you? Do you mind, strong, also, what are the descriptive words that create your role in the image?

Put it on a positive statement. “It matters to me”. “I’m strong”. “I succeed”. Write it down and say it out loud. Hal Elrod, author of Miracle Morning, encourages him to take 5 minutes each morning to explain his claims.

15- Record the voice of these statements so you can listen to them again and again and know who you are and what you are

Personally, I like to step forward and mention my affirmations out loud on my voice recorder, then listen to it over and over again while roaming. Why don’t we stay? Why do we hear 20 days in a row?

16- Take 20 minutes to pray for yourself, your loved ones, your community and the world

Take a moment to pray. You can pray for your soul, God, universe, ocean. Just realize that it represents the best and most important to you.

Take a moment to pray for the divine energy that unites us all and make your requests known. We pray for our house, we pray for you to wear your best every day. We pray for what your heart desires and we surrender to heaven.

17- Create a vision board with at least 20 images of what you wanted to achieve and bring your life in 2020 and beyond, where you can see every day

Bring your vision to life. Use magazines, newspapers and your computer. Bring your vision to a large piece of paper that you can see regularly. Cut it out, use the colors, put this baby back on and embrace the vision. Upload music, maybe do it with friends and have fun. The place you will see often resets you to see you every time you see it. Thank this vision that you also created.

18- Name 20 actionable steps you can skip in 2020

Now you are seeing 20/20 seeing what it will be, so what steps can you take to provide the greatest impact and momentum? Write it as your next “Get To’s” group and get ready to jump into the winning power of the power that now surrounds you.

19- Say the sentence “Hoponopon” 5×4

Remember to pray after concentrating on your heart and feel the loving energy. Once connected, select the 20x sentence (5 groups of 4) for yourself and take a deeper step looking into your eyes in the mirror.

“Sorry, please forgive me, thanks for being in my life until I love you”

You can also use this exercise with someone who has disconnected from some type. Imagine them in front of you and the previous sentence is expressed again in 5 groups of 4.

20- Invest in a book, course, coach or life coach that supports your vision for you and the world.

Invest in a book, course, coach or life coach that supports your vision for you and the world.

Find your clan or support system or create a responsibility group or friend. Join a training course like “Get Align Now” online since January 20, 2020.

Athletes, celebrities and CEOs have a tribe of coaches and experts to delight and maintain their vision.

You must do it because you also have a powerful influence on the world. Find a way to achieve this constant stimulus too.

I wish you the most wonderful trip of the year!

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