how to get elite royal pass for free in pubg mobile

The best ways to get Elite Pass are:

1.Free 150 UC for South Korean players

Do you know that PUBG Mobile is giving free UC to the South Korean player? Although there are only 150 UC that will not make much difference, but nothing is better than something. This is how you get it:

Download and install any VPN from the Google Play store
Make sure the VPN has a South Korean server
Connect to South Korea server through VPN
Open the game and inbox, you will see 150 free UC messages
NOTE: It may not work, but the list continues, read on

2. Get some money from Google Opinion Rewards

As you know, the Elite Pass costs around Rs 600, but nobody wants to spend this amount out of pocket. Ok, no problem, you can earn some pocket money with Google Opinion Rewards.

It’s really easy, just download the application from the Play Store. And open it, choose any survey and then complete the survey. It is simple to give your opinions and complete it. The best part is that it is an official Google application and there is link fraud.

3. Official game application of the PUBG FB page

You know that a few days ago the Facebook page of PUBG MOBILE shared a wonderful application where you can have the opportunity to win the Free Elite Pass. The application is Wegame, however, this is to discuss news and information from PUBG Mobile. But you can also register to earn 1000 UC in the application.

4. Earn Paytm Cash with the Bulb Smash app

Download the application on your Android phone.
Once you register for the Bulb Smash application, the Rs.10 record will be credited to your Paytm wallet.
Send the referral link to any of your friends.
In your successful referral, the amount of Rs.10 will be credited in your Paytm wallet.
Complete the offers and in 1 week you can easily get more than 500 rupees.



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