Dust off your Discman, Techazad – 90s Con 2024 is Almost Here!

Dust off your Discman, Techazad – 90s Con 2024 is Almost Here:Get ready to rewind to a simpler time, before smartphones and social media stole your attention span. Buckle up your JNCO jeans and grab your Tamagotchi, because 90s Con 2024 is just around the corner! March 15th-17th at the Connecticut Convention Center is the place to be for anyone who lived through the decade of grunge, dial-up modems, and Britney Spears’s first album.

Techazad, prepare yourselves for a nostalgic blast that’ll leave you saying, “As if!”. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss the most rad event of the year:

Reunite with your 90s heroes: Remember the cast of All That making you laugh until your sides hurt? What about Clarissa Darling teaching you valuable life lessons? They’re all back at 90s Con, ready to shake your hand and sign your childhood memories. Prepare for photo ops, panels, and maybe even a live performance of “Ice Ice Baby” (fingers crossed!).

Embrace the tech throwbacks: Remember the sleek lines of a Nokia brick phone? The thrill of connecting two PCs with a null modem cable? Dust off your Game Boy and bring it along, because 90s Con will have retro gaming stations aplenty. Relive the days of Mario Kart tournaments and Pokémon trades, and rediscover the joys of low-fi gaming.

Fashionably late for a decade party: Don your ripped jeans, flannel shirts, and platform sneakers. Pull out that scrunchie and dust off your butterfly clips. 90s Con is a feast for the eyes, with attendees embracing the decade’s iconic fashion in all its glorious, colorful weirdness. So dig through your closet and unleash your inner Spice Girl or Backstreet Boy!

Beyond the fan service: But 90s Con isn’t just about reliving the past. It’s also about celebrating the tech and cultural innovations that emerged from that era. Panels will explore the rise of the internet, the impact of grunge music, and the evolution of gaming consoles. You’ll leave with a renewed appreciation for the 90s and how it shaped the world we live in today.

For the Techazad crowd: Remember, the 90s were a pivotal time for tech. Witness the evolution of laptops from clunky beasts to sleek machines, relive the rise of the desktop PC, and maybe even snag a vintage iPod Nano for your collection. And for all you retro gaming enthusiasts, prepare to geek out over classic consoles and the birth of 3D graphics.

90s Con isn’t just an event; it’s a time capsule, a portal back to a decade of carefree fun and technological marvel. So, Techazad readers, don’t miss out on this epic trip down memory lane. Grab your tickets, gather your friends, and prepare to shout “Cowabunga!” at the top of your lungs. Just remember to charge your Game Boy – you’ll need something to keep you occupied on the dial-up internet line back home.

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