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minecraft question pic
minecraft question pic
minecraft question

minecraft question

Let’s get rid of this from the beginning.

We do not encourage children to play Minecraft or spend a lot of time on electronic devices and screens. However, we believe that the truth is that many parents will face children who ask to play Minecraft at some time or another.

This guide provides practical answers to 10 parents’ questions about Minecraft. In this way, we hope they are better able to make informed decisions and even interact with children about this independent success game.

Although it was not written by professional players, not even advanced players in the game, it was written from the perspective of a father whose children played Minecraft (and even took it to play “search” above all). So here it goes …

1. What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a computer game where players take a first-person perspective to interact with the world around them. Resources (such as stones, iron and wood) can be combined and combined to create elements such as torches and spikes.

The world of Minecraft consists of blocks and even the characters have a complete appearance. Players start as Steve, a bold explorer with a brave new world to explore.

Minecraft is available on personal computers, Xbox 360 devices and mobile devices (PE or Pocket Edition). The PC version has a complete set of features, while the PE version is an abstract version of the game.


2. What is the goal in Minecraft?

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The story continues …

Minecraft has no specific objectives or expires. Unlike other games that may have a fixed story or a fixed ending, Minecraft is an open game. Minecraft has a day and night cycle that lasts indefinitely and it is up to the player to decide what he wants or achieve while playing.

At the basic level, the way you play can consist of simple objectives, such as building a house, and once you master the basics, quickly go on to create fun projects like roller coasters (yes, people used mine cars and railroads to : design your own parks).

Minecraft Tower If you can imagine it, you can build it

On Xbox 360 and PC, advanced players can use blocks like Red Stones to power machines, create lovely tables to create magical items and even perform tasks to destroy “bosses” like Enderdragon.

As a game, Minecraft continues to evolve and there are always game updates that offer new features and functionalities. There are also “editions” that can be installed to change the appearance of the game.

Minecraft Roller CoasterMinecraft Funland

3. What is the “creative” versus “survival” mode?

minecraft question pic

minecraft question pic



Design and creativity are two game modes in Minecraft.

In creative mode, players are “begotten” (the term player “come alive”) with a full range of materials and tools available. They don’t have to do the work to assemble them. Players can concentrate on being “creative” and build whatever they want. They can move in three dimensions (i.e. fly) to reach amazing structures and do not have to worry about things like their health, food or the attack of hostile creatures. Players cannot die in creative mode.

In survival mode, players start with anything in their inventory. Instead, they have to collect resources from scratch. This means cutting down trees to obtain wood, digging land for blocks of land and extracting resources such as coal. They need to find food to live, and if the difficulty is activated, they have to face monsters, also known as “hostile mobs.” You can kill in survival mode and the player will have to rely on his intelligence to survive.

4. What is a typical Minecraft day like?

In survival mode, the player has a lot to do. The first priority is usually to find shelter. This can be done by creating a structure from scratch that requires the collection of resources such as land or stones, or in the case of PC or Xbox, looking for leadership buildings in a pre-existing village.

Food is also a concern. They are obtained by killing animals such as cows or chicken for meat or, alternatively, by growing or picking apples from trees. Basic materials can be combined to create more advanced elements. This is done on a craft table, stonecutter or oven. For example, combining a wooden stick with coal creates a torch.

There are also different “biomes” to explore. These are the “pseudo climates / terrain” located on the Mindcraft map. On a map, there can be a forest biome, a snow biome, a sand biome and more. Different biomes contain different resources.

At night, hostile mobs appear and the player must repel them. Alternatively, if the player feels safe at home, he can go to bed at night until the next morning.

In creative mode, the day and night cycle continues, but you don’t have to worry about any of the above. They can continue building according to the content of their hearts.

5. What are the mobs and all this talk about zombies and Endermen?

Advantage of hostile mobs in survival mode with difficulty setting. These creatures are usually excreted in dark places and continue to attack the player. These hostile mobs include “common” creatures such as spiders, skeletons and zombies in “ghosts you’ve never heard of,” spirits and flowers. The player needs to repel these monsters by killing him with weapons such as swords, axes, bows and arrows (all must be designed).

If your child is too young, it may be better to keep the “creative mode”, as he will not face any of these hostile mobs.

It is important to control your child while playing Minecraft to see if he is affected by these monsters and help him distinguish between the real world of Minecraft.

Crawler Beware the crawler

6. Is Minecraft addicted?

minecraft wallpaper

minecraft wallpaper

Yes. Due to the endless nature of the game, children (and adults too) can easily waste time and participate fully in the goals they are trying to achieve, whether they are looking for buried diamonds or killing Enderdragon.

Parents should closely monitor the amount of time children spend playing Minecraft. As with everything else, moderation is the key. Establish the basic rules from the beginning on how much time you can spend playing and even the game modes (survival or creativity) that a child can play. Predicting prediction is very useful for managing your attitudes towards playing Minecraft.

7. What is multiplayer mode?

One of Minecraft’s strengths is its ability to accommodate many different players together in a virtual world of Minecraft.

Even in the PE version, many players can enter a single game through a shared Wi-Fi network. One player hosts the game and the others join. Once they enter the world of Minecraft, they can interact with each other. This could mean exploring biomes together or working together to achieve goals. As in the real world, collaborating with others can make a big difference.

On the other hand, when things go wrong, players can end up fighting each other and destroying each other’s projects. Although the world of Minecraft is hypothetical, the resulting disputes can be real.

Just as parents must teach children how to interact in the real world, parents may also need to intervene to teach children how to interact in a virtual world. Yes, part of the fun in a virtual world is the ability to prepare a TNT block to demolish the house, but when the behavior turns into retaliation and with bad intentions, it is time for parents to intervene.

8. What is the difference between local and international multiplayer games?

There are two multiplayer modes, local and global.

Local games are games hosted on “nearby” devices. For example, on many iPads on a home Wi-Fi network or on multiple players on an Xbox.

Global games use servers located elsewhere. Players can play with people from all over the world. For children, this is something parents should be careful because you never know who is behind Steve at the other end.

Multiplayer game Minecraft multiplayer on Xbox 360

9. Why do children watch YouTube videos about Minecraft?

Internet provides a great resource for everything today. Minecraft is no exception. Now there are characters on YouTube that provide Minecraft videos especially, from the basics of how to use Tableing Table to advanced movements, such as how to create Nether Portal to enter Nether (a different dimension found in the Minecraft Xbox and PC versions ). There are also videos where players show some fictional buildings and projects created in Minecraft and even music videos focused on Minecraft.

A word of caution for parents. There is no rating system for these videos online. Some videos may contain offensive language. We personally recommend online video processing as PG.

10. Can Minecraft be educational or useful?

The Minecraft game itself offers a series of concepts for the players.

For example, to formulate elements, raw materials such as wood are needed. This wood must then be processed in panels before it can be used as inputs for craft tools, doors and other wooden elements. In the game, animals are hunted for meat and wool must be obtained from sheep. There are also fixed proportions of resources to formulate the elements, for example, to make a bed, and 3 slabs and 3 wool are needed. This exposes children to real-world concepts.


minecraft question pic

minecraft question pic



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